Like many people, I listen to a wide variety of music, and some of it is, ahem, more appropriate at certain times of day than others. We here are not responsible for adverse effects from playing the wrong music at the wrong time. Hope some of this is enjoyable.”

Middle East show Nov. 20, 2004

Went to theMiddle East tonight and saw Eli “Paperboy” Reed, The Woggles, and Holly Golightly. Ilyse and I don't get out to see live music that often and we picked this particular show because the Calendar section of The Boston Globe had it listed as its “advance notice: buy tickets now, thank us later” pick when I was thinking about what to do for Ilyse's birthday. Holly Golightly was described as sounding like what Tracey Ullman would have done if she continued to record, which sounded interesting.

We arrived in the middle of Eli “Paperboy” Reed's set and first were impressed that seven bandmembers fit on that little stage and then that they were really good. He's got a great voice and looks like he's having a great time. He came back later to play backing harmonica for Holly Golightly.

The thing that amazed me most was the line at the bar. It was an actual line with people taking care not to let anyone cut. I've just never seen that at a club before. Lots of PBR drinkers. My father was the last person I think I saw drinking that in the 1970s.

The Woggles kicked off sounding like the Romantics. The lead singer has tremendous energy. It was a really fun set though started to sound a little monotonous near the end.

Suprisingly Holly Golightly was our least favorite of the night. She has an interesting voice that was a nice departure from the screaming men who preceded her but it was so subdued (or the mix was so bad) that we couldn't understand a single lyric. Then it became apparent that she was really pissed off about the sound quality. It just wasn't fun to watch a performer having a really bad time on stage. So we left before her set was done.