The Theme

Today at lunch Abigail asked Ilyse to tell her the story of Sleeping Beauty. Ilyse couldn't remember the story in great detail so she told Abby the broad outline – the birth, the spell, the prince, etc. Abby said, “Mommy, I don't want you to tell me the theme of the story, I want you to really tell me the story.” Our 4-year old knows what a theme is.

This morning she read a whole book, Green Eggs and Ham, to Bennett. She pretty much knows this one by heart so it was not quite reading but it was truly amazing to see Bennett sitting next to her on the bed listening and looking at the pictures as if it were Ilyse or I reading to him.

Choosing an Elementary School

Here are notes on the schools we've been looking at for next year.

Lesley Ellis
Loved it

Nice, but not as nice as Lesley Ellis

Secretaries: Deborah Brown, Terry Stafford

Talked to Terry:

January town-wide information night.

Pre-K: two-year program with same teachers, first year Pre-K paying $5800/year, second year K not paying. Must be 4 by Sept. 7. Music, art, gym, eat in cafeteria. 8:15-2:30.

Class size 15-18 with one teacher and one teacher's aide. (need to talk to Principal to find out if aide is there all the time – may be a special ed aide).

Can a student enter the Pre-K/K as K?
Not normal but sometimes a child might move in if there's a slot open.

To observe, talk to guidance dept. Jessica Maloney is out on maternity leave. 617-926-7743 or 44.

Registration opens in January. First come first served. $580 deposit. 7-8 slots. Priority placement to fall birthdays. Be prepared to do deposit at the meeting.

Hosmer also has 2 Ks, a K-1, and a K-1-2. Try to stay around 18/class. Most classes have an aide all the time.

Invented Spelling

Abigail at age 3-1/4 has started writing her own stories. Invented spelling wasn't a concept when I was learning to read and write and I know people who blame their inability to spell on being allowed to spell anyway they chose for too long. But now that I'm witnessing Abby's first attempts at writing (I've been taking dictation since she was two) it's really amazing.
When Abby says brang I usually repeat what she said, saying brought instead. But writing would be no fun at all if I tried to correct her spelling. So I just let her go – ocassionally adding a space between words or a period at the end of a sentence. Here's her first story (March 23, 2004):

Wsa apn ttym lld dk a mommy be abby lda wotr brij komn stret

Here's what she said as she typed:

Once upon a time there was a little duck. A mommy read a book and the abby listened. Go down Common Street, across the bridge, to the water.

Three weeks later she typed “once upon a time” as

Wso apn a tim