I was searching for global career advice and found bacon salt

Tonight I was doing some research for a multinational client that needs to provide its young employees with advice and strategies for managing a global corporation. My searching led me to My Global Career, which provides timely info and a comprehensive set of resources and is written by Rusty Weston who blogs on Fast Company. Perusing the career resources I linked to Dave Lefkow’s blog on recruiting. And there I discovered…Bacon Salt!

Now I haven’t tasted this stuff yet but I may head over to Jake’s Dixie Roadhouse in Waltham to buy a bottle. I’ve been a vegetarian for about 18 years and the flavor I still miss is bacon. None of the vegetarian imitations I’ve tried does the job. Most of the time I substitute arugula, which was really good on a yukon gold pizza at Stone Hearth the other day.  I’m considering myself warned by this review though.

Better than the seasoning was the story itself. I’m wishing the Bacon Salt entrepreneurs the best of luck and thanks for the reminder that good ideas can come from anywhere. My seven-year-old is full of them and I’m listening more intently than ever.

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  1. Glen – thanks for the post! I’m sorry to report that Dixie’s Roadhouse only serves it in their food at this point, and doesn’t sell bottles. For now, MA residents can just buy from our website or from Amazon.


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