Is Kindergarten the new First Grade?

Yes, thanks to No Child Left Behind.

Jana Silbeck Francis writes

The language arts curriculum focuses on getting all students to read and write.  The math curriculum deals with simple addition and subtraction of numbers as well as basic time telling and coin recognition.  Walking into a kindergarten classroom, the observer notes the amount of time students spend writing and working at their desk.  Play is only present for a short time of the day and usually only outside.  In whole, the kindergarten classroom of today mirrors the first grade classroom of 10 years ago. 

Tutoring starts young, making kindergarten 'the new first grade' by Kathleen Lucadamo, New York Daily News, Mar. 1, 2006

“Kindergarten is the new first grade,” declared Andrea Pastorok, an
educational psychologist at Kumon Learning Center, one of several
tutoring companies that recently launched preschool programs to meet
the demands of concerned parents. “The preschool market is our
fastest-growing population.”

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