The Black BMW

Almost everyday between 4:30 and 6:00 PM a black BMW speeds down Commonwealth Road. It hits the long downhill and just floors it, accelerating all the way down to Belmont Street, so fast that it is impossible to read its license plate even if you are standing there as it zooms by.

Since last summer the police have tried to slow it down. One or two evenings a cruiser sat waiting but either picked the wrong day or the wrong time. Then they left the “Your Speed” sign there for a week but that didn't work either.

This is a street with many children, dogs being walked, people jogging and walking to or from the bus. A serious incident could happen any day. Last week it almost did. A neighbor was walking her dog across the street as the BMW raced toward her. She didn't even have time to make it to the curb and as she jumped out of the way she waved to the driver to slow down. He swerved around her menacingly close and then laid on his horn all the way down the hill.

If you know him please ask him to slow down. If you see him please get his license plate number.

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