Want to increase your Google rankings? Let your four-year-old blog.

Yesterday I decided to check how much traffic my blog has been getting and what people have found interesting.

found that I had served 8,750 distinct hosts and transferred over 3.8
gigabytes in the month of October. Considering I only posted four
articles in October, most of which were probably interesting only to
me, and considering that was a pretty average month, this came as quite
a surprise. What were people reading?

It turns out that two of my four-year-old’s drawings, My Mommy Saying Goodbye to Bobbi and Cinderella and the Prince,
got 430 and 340 page views. So my four-year-old’s drawings are by far
the most popular things on my blog. The next most popular was Sleeping Beauty. My own writing was a respectable fourth.

Now, I love my daughter’s drawings, which is why I made her a gallery
on my blog. And I think her grandparents have looked at them once or
twice, but that was back in January when I posted them. So
who discovered my daughter’s talent last month?

A check of
the referrers told the story: Google image search. Search for
“Cinderella and the Prince”and you’ll get something like this:


Which would you pick?

And it also seems that lots of people need to illustrate “goodbye.” This one expresses their sentiments exactly.

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