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Poor U.S. Math Achievement Starts as Early as 4th Grade

Poor U.S. Math Achievement Starts as Early as 4th Grade

A study by the American Institutes for Research (AIR) and

funded by the U.S. Department of Education found that U.S.

students in 4th and 8th grade perform consistently below

most of their peers around the world and continue that

trend into high school and beyond. The study bucks the

“widely held belief” that U.S. students do well in

mathematics in grade school but decline precipitously

in high school, researchers said.

The study, “Reassessing U.S. International Mathematics

Performance: New Findings from the 2003 TIMSS and PISA,”

focused on students in the United States and 11 other

industrial countries. U.S. students consistently performed

below average, ranking 8th or 9th out of twelve at all

three grade levels. These findings suggest that U.S.

reform proposals to strengthen mathematics instruction

in the upper grades should be expanded to include

improving U.S. mathematics instruction beginning in

the primary grades.

“The conventional wisdom is that U.S. students perform

above average in grades 4 and 8, and then decline sharply

in high school,” says Steven Leinwand, principal research

analyst at AIR and one of the report's authors. “But this

study proves the conventional wisdom is dead wrong.”

Want to increase your Google rankings? Let your four-year-old blog.

Yesterday I decided to check how much traffic my blog has been getting and what people have found interesting.

found that I had served 8,750 distinct hosts and transferred over 3.8
gigabytes in the month of October. Considering I only posted four
articles in October, most of which were probably interesting only to
me, and considering that was a pretty average month, this came as quite
a surprise. What were people reading?

It turns out that two of my four-year-old’s drawings, My Mommy Saying Goodbye to Bobbi and Cinderella and the Prince,
got 430 and 340 page views. So my four-year-old’s drawings are by far
the most popular things on my blog. The next most popular was Sleeping Beauty. My own writing was a respectable fourth.

Now, I love my daughter’s drawings, which is why I made her a gallery
on my blog. And I think her grandparents have looked at them once or
twice, but that was back in January when I posted them. So
who discovered my daughter’s talent last month?

A check of
the referrers told the story: Google image search. Search for
“Cinderella and the Prince”and you’ll get something like this:


Which would you pick?

And it also seems that lots of people need to illustrate “goodbye.” This one expresses their sentiments exactly.

Where to donate an old Macintosh


Massachusetts: Boston, WCE Boston Office Webpages (Hull/Boston), We accept PIIs and above and Power Macs and above. For company multi-computer (8 sets and up) pick-ups please contact Bill Wilmot, WCE Boston Coordinator [We are in the process of merging with a wonderful Boston group called KITE!] We currently only have 2 Drop-Off locations in Massachusetts:

1. WCE, 936 Nantasket Ave, Back-door, Hull. Anytime. Please e-mail ahead of time to:
2. c/o our friends at VSA arts of Massachusetts, 2 Boylston St. Boston. Regular business hours. (Please call ahead to them at 617-350-7713 – to be sure they are open – for this site only).

Stone Community Computer Center, Somerville


Keep Running or No Oswald

Abigail and Bennett would run until they drop if I put them on a treadmill, turned on Noggin and hooked this up

Keep Working Out or No Telly For You! – Gizmodo

this isn’t brand new, but I can’t help just throwing it in because it’s
just, well, so great. Are you lazy? Fat? Hate going to the gym? Well,
the EnterTrainer heart-rate monitor is for you! Just strap it onto your
chosen fitness device (stairmaster, treadmill, bike, lover, etc.) or
just place it on the floor next to you when you exercise, and if your
heart-rate dips below what it should be your TV volume goes down. It
goes down people! That means you have to get up and turn it back up
again! Bastards.

Video games and television are a common divider
between parents and kids. Now the TV can actually bring parents and
their children back together with The EnterTrainer®. Faced with the
losing battle of limiting childrens’ access to TV and entertainment,
The EnterTrainer® is used as a motivational tool enabling parents to
offer a fun way for kids to enjoy their favorite pastime while getting
the exercise their doctors recommend. Kids are excited to link their
exercise performance with the reward of continued entertainment.

never dreamed that exercise could be the solution to my kids watching
too much TV! They love TheEnterTrainer® almost as much as I do!”

Now that’s Entertrainment folks.

The perfect synergy of man and machine! [The Entertrainer]

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