I worked as a senior curriculum developer for TERC from April 1998 to December 1999.

Visual Earth Series: Exploring the Ocean and Exploring Marine Life

I worked with GIS specialists Paul Rooney and Jane Pfister, project
manager Harold McWilliams and a programmer to create two
GIS-based CD-ROMs on physical oceanography and marine
biology for use in middle
and high school science classes. These were published as part of the
TERCWorks Visual Earth series. I wrote a series of inquiry-based
lessons that incorporated a science investigation with interactive use
of video and GIS. I designed and produced multimedia pieces and created
an extensive set of resources. Here is an article about it: link

NASA Engineering Design Challenges:
Thermal Protection Systems Design Challenge (Heat and Conduction)
Spacecraft Structures Design Challenge (Newton’s Laws)

interviewed NASA engineers to identify major engineering challenges
in X-33 spacecraft design and then worked with Harold McWilliams and
Paul Wagoner to translate those challenges into hands-on design
problems suitable for elementary and middle school classes. We
lab and field testing which was the most fun I’ve ever had that I got
paid for. NASA selected this project to demonstrate in a US Senate
hearing. Here’s an article about it: link.

NASA Connect:
The X-Plane Generation

I designed a hands-on science lesson and wrote the Educator Guide
for an episode of the Emmy award winning TV program. The lesson
included a scale model of NASA’s X-33 spacecraft that students could
cut out and construct.

Nortel NetKnowledge

four months I learned TCP/IP, routing, wireless data
transmission and many other topics, wrote and illustrated lessons,
developed hands-on labs and with two other writers created a
multi-semester hands-on computer networking curriculum for
high school.

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