Review: The Rivals by The Huntington Theatre Company

I guess I enjoyed the Huntington's production of The Rivals about as
much as someone 250 years from now will enjoy watching one of our
sitcoms. Terry Byrne, who reviewed it for the Herald, hit it on the
head when she wrote

And really, who cares about the story line when
Martin is able to get his actors to create believable characters who
never descend to caricature, no matter how silly they may act? At the
head of this crowd are Will LeBow as the hot-tempered Sir Anthony
Absolute and Mary Louise Wilson as the elegantly nutty Mrs. Malaprop.

LeBow in particular is, as usual, pitch perfect in gesture, pitch, and
delivery. But there isn't a weak link in the cast. The set is
absolutely beautiful and the costumes are technicolor and brilliant
(except Julia's orange gloves and shoes just don't look right).

Yet, I still do care about the story line. Surely it's not too much to ask for both a good story and good acting.

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