Prius, Bluetooth and Sprint

I bought a Sony Ericsson T608 from Sprint. It took a little hunting to
find and then you have to buy it over the phone, not online or at a

I like the phone and it was very easy to set up with my 2004 Prius and
the hands-free works great. I paid $199 and then could have received a
$100 rebate

but I opted for the $150 rebate from Sprint because it was my first new phone in over 18 months.

I have two issues with using Bluetooth. About 30% of the time when I
make a call from the car it doesn't go through the first time.
Everything appears to be fine but there is no sound. If I hang up and
try again it always works fine the second time.

The other thing is that I still haven't figured out how to sync the
phone book on my phone with the car. I followed the directions in the
Prius manual but at a certain point it tells you to send the data from
the phone and I just cannot find any option on my phone for sending
data. I've tried making it discoverable and many other options but
nothing seems to work. Sprint technical support is absolutely clueless
about this phone.

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