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Middle East show Nov. 20, 2004

Went to theMiddle East tonight and saw Eli “Paperboy” Reed, The Woggles, and Holly Golightly. Ilyse and I don't get out to see live music that often and we picked this particular show because the Calendar section of The Boston Globe had it listed as its “advance notice: buy tickets now, thank us later” pick when I was thinking about what to do for Ilyse's birthday. Holly Golightly was described as sounding like what Tracey Ullman would have done if she continued to record, which sounded interesting.

We arrived in the middle of Eli “Paperboy” Reed's set and first were impressed that seven bandmembers fit on that little stage and then that they were really good. He's got a great voice and looks like he's having a great time. He came back later to play backing harmonica for Holly Golightly.

The thing that amazed me most was the line at the bar. It was an actual line with people taking care not to let anyone cut. I've just never seen that at a club before. Lots of PBR drinkers. My father was the last person I think I saw drinking that in the 1970s.

The Woggles kicked off sounding like the Romantics. The lead singer has tremendous energy. It was a really fun set though started to sound a little monotonous near the end.

Suprisingly Holly Golightly was our least favorite of the night. She has an interesting voice that was a nice departure from the screaming men who preceded her but it was so subdued (or the mix was so bad) that we couldn't understand a single lyric. Then it became apparent that she was really pissed off about the sound quality. It just wasn't fun to watch a performer having a really bad time on stage. So we left before her set was done.

Choosing an Elementary School

Here are notes on the schools we've been looking at for next year.

Lesley Ellis
Loved it

Nice, but not as nice as Lesley Ellis

Secretaries: Deborah Brown, Terry Stafford

Talked to Terry:

January town-wide information night.

Pre-K: two-year program with same teachers, first year Pre-K paying $5800/year, second year K not paying. Must be 4 by Sept. 7. Music, art, gym, eat in cafeteria. 8:15-2:30.

Class size 15-18 with one teacher and one teacher's aide. (need to talk to Principal to find out if aide is there all the time – may be a special ed aide).

Can a student enter the Pre-K/K as K?
Not normal but sometimes a child might move in if there's a slot open.

To observe, talk to guidance dept. Jessica Maloney is out on maternity leave. 617-926-7743 or 44.

Registration opens in January. First come first served. $580 deposit. 7-8 slots. Priority placement to fall birthdays. Be prepared to do deposit at the meeting.

Hosmer also has 2 Ks, a K-1, and a K-1-2. Try to stay around 18/class. Most classes have an aide all the time.

A response to my column

From the November 5 Watertown TAB…

Thanks for clarifying ordinance
I wanted to say thank you for running the guest commentary by Glen Mohr
on the snow shoveling ordinance. It clarified a lot of the legal
positions that I wasn't aware of. If it takes snow shoveling ordinances
to get somebody to plow their driveway but never shovel their sidewalk
to be commonly decent, then maybe we have to do it. It would be great
if somebody could write such a succinct article about the zoning
question regarding single-family house and the conversions to condos,

Hard drive crash

The hard drive on my Dell Inspiron 4100 crashed last week. Dell got a new hard drive to me the next day. While I was without a hard drive I figured it was a good time to finally get the buttons below the trackpad fixed – I had been using only the buttons above the trackpad for a month or two because I couldn't live without the computer. They pickedd it up on Thursday afternoon and I had it back with a brand new keyboard, trackpad and buttons on Monday morning. So now this computer has had its motherboard replaced (when the sound card stopped working), its keyboard replaced twice – the first time because Kathleen's blind dog Winston walked on it, and now the trackpad/buttons and the hard drive. All under the 3-year warranty that expires next month.

So now as I watch the election results I'm reinstalling everything on the hard drive and for the hell of it I thought I'd document what I'm going through to get my machine up and running again:

1. Insert hard drive and screw in cover – 1 minute
2. Install Windows XP Pro – about 1 hour
3. Install drivers from Dell CD – about 10 minutes
4. Download and install updates to Windows XP Pro including SP 2 – about 1 hour
(getting “Your computer may be at risk” message becuase Windows can't find antivirus software)
5. Install printer driver – 10 minutes
6. Install Norton AntiVirus from Dell CD and download and install first set of updates- 15 minutes
7. Install another Windows XP update that just appeared as a notification – 5 minutes
(Still getting “Your computer may be at risk” message)
8. Download and install second set of Norton AntiVirus updates – 3 minutes
(Still getting “Your computer may be at risk” message)
9. Download and install third set of Norton AntiVirus updates – 4 minutes
(Still getting “Your computer may be at risk” message)
10. Check for more Norton AntiVirus updates and find there are no more – 2 minutes
11. Go to Windows Security Center and check box telling Windows not to monitor the status of my antivirus program – 2 minutes
12. Find WinDVD CD and decide not to install it assuming that I'll use Windows Media Player to play DVDs – 2 minutes
13. Install Roxio Easy CD Creator CD – 50 minutes
Version on CD that came with computer is not compatible with SP 2
Read Roxio support site to find patch – support site says “We recommend a custom install without Take Two in Windows XP and 2000″ and also says DirectCD may be a problem
Recover password in order to login and download patch
Download patch
Install program – there is no option to install without Take Two (should have been the tip off that I was not dealing with the same version)
Try to install patch but discover that it only runs on Easy CD Creator Platinum and I only have Basic
Back to Roxio support site, discover that I downloaded the wrong patch – had to scroll down to find the update for the Basic version
Download patch
Install patch
14. Install Microsoft Office 2002 (XP) – 8 minutes
Two 25-character product keys on the CD case. Try entering the first – invalid. Try entering the second – worked
15. Register Office and configure Outlook for email – 10 minutes
16. Download updates to Office – 15 minutes
Install ActiveX Office Updater to check for updates
Download and install Office XP SP 3
Download and install Office XP updates for SP2
Download and install third set of Office XP updates

Continued the next day

17. Copy backup of other programs from CD to hard drive – 12 minutes
While viewing contents of CD got “Not Responding” error
Restart, works this time, copy selected programs
18. Install and configure Pest Patrol – 3 minutes
19. Install NewsGator – 2 minutes
Install program says I need .NET Framework or .NET inclusive NewsGator install
20. Copy Outlook Archive file from CD to hard drive – 10 minutes
While viewing contents of CD, file disappears. When I eject the CD I get a message that files are waiting to be copied to the CD. I cancel, eject the CD and then insert it again. Get the same message. This time I choose to save the files and write them later. Then restart computer. Get message on startup that files are waiting to be written to the CD. This time I choose the option to delete the temporary files. On viewing the directory of the CD the Outlook Archive file does not appear. Try putting CD in Mac. File does not appear. I guess it is gone. Nice backup.
21. Try copying Outlook Backup from CD to hard drive – 21 minutes
Can't find where to put .pst file. Use import/export utility. Try to copy .pst file from backup CD. File won't copy -”the parameter is incorrect”.
22. Set up home network using wizard on XP – 4 minutes
23. Copy other Outlook.pst backup from Mac across network and import to Outlook successfully! 30 minutes
24. Try again to import Outlook Archive backup – 18 minutes
Try copying Outlook Archive backup from older backup CD. Won't copy. Try in Mac, works. Copy file from CD to Mac and then Mac to laptop. Import to Outlook successfully!
25. Copy current work files and program install files from backup CD to hard drive, choose which ones to install – 30 minutes
Laptop won't read the CD. Mac reads it no problem. Copy files from CD to Mac and then from Mac to PC.
26. Set folder options to show system files and hidden files. (that's why I couldn't see the Outlook.pst file earlier) – 2 minutes
27. Install AOL IM, upgrade, reinstall – 10 minutes
28. Install CoreFTP – 2 minutes
29. Download and install yet another set of Windows updates – 13 minutes
This time including the .NET Framework (to allow installation of NewsGator) and the updated Windows Media Player
30. Install NewsGator and configure to work with Outlook – 12 minutes
31. Install Handspring desktop, configure to sync with Outlook and sync – 9 minutes

And now I am ready to work.

It took over 7 hours!

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