Monthly Archive for June, 2004

Blogs as Filing Cabinets

Kathleen just wrote about blogs as filing cabinets and I'd like to use mine like that but, as she mentions, Movable Type doesn't have a UI for the filing system so I have to use the one provided by the hosting service. I can use Windows Explorer to view, upload and download files on the host but can't move files around on the host. Plus it's clunky and there's no search
What I really want is integrated search across everything on my computer – email, documents of all types, and RSS feeds. And I think I've found it.
There was an article in the Boston Globe last week about new tools to replace the rather poor file search capability built into Windows XP. I downloaded HotBot Desktop Edition from www.hotbot. com/tools/desktop and so far it works beautifully. It finds search terms in email and documents instantaneously (unlike XP which cranks and cranks and often doesn't find what you know is there).
I still haven't got it searching my RSS feeds yet. I thought it would just do that automatically as part of searching email since I use NewsGator and have the feeds showing up in Outlook. But I think the problem is that HotBot only indexes and searches Outlook's Outlook.pst file and I set up a separate .pst file specifically for RSS feeds so that when I backup I could choose not to backup the tons of unread feeds. I haven't yet found any setting to control which .pst files get indexed.

I'm Published!

My case study of the course The Otter Group does for CDM, “Designing Collaborative E-Learning For Results,” was published by Learning Circuits, a widely read online journal for e-learning. Here's the direct link.

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